• Piatsa: Traditional home-cooked food in Ioulis. It’s a favourite hangout of locals during winter months. Try the beef in red sauce and okra.
  • Kylix: A restaurant with a big personality in Ioulis. It’s the gourmet choice for the island, with excellent food and wonderful presentation and selected wines. There’s also a great view of Ioulis. Don’t leave without trying the taramosalata! You’ll remember it forever. 
  • Paparounas: A restaurant in a square in Ioulis with exceptional food. It’s worth striking up a conversation with the polyglot owner who loves nothing more than rattling off the dishes being served in your language.
  • Vourkarion: A restaurant in Vourkari with exceptional food (mostly seafood) and an equally wonderful view of sailing boats in the little port. The sea urchin salad is a must! It’s worth the little bit extra that you’ll pay.
  • Aristos: Another fish taverna in Vourkari, known for its lobster spaghetti. Ask for the fish of the day and enjoy the view.
  • Margarita’s Tavern: A taverna in Pisses (or Poisses) with fresh food and a selection of local meat dishes. Margarita (the soul of the taverna) will look after you with generously sized dishes. The cockerel with spaghetti is a hit.

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